Diddley Bow Guitar_Helldorado

November 4, 2013

In the last times many people approached music world buying instruments easy to learn. Ukulele is the most sold one and not only because of its simplicity but also for its portability and low price. This project started with the aim of developing an instrument extremely simple to play, able to involve beginners and give fun to experts.

This instrument takes inspiration from an old one called “Diddley Bow”, used by Afro-Americans as toy for kids by simply putting a string of baling wire tensioned between two nails on a board over a glass bottle. During history the Diddley Bow has been played by many different blues-men, using the “slider” to change the tone of the notes played.  Helldorado is the result of the combination of this old instrument with new production technologies (such as cnc machines etc.), making it possible to improve the sound quality and the design of the object as well as cutting the costs making it mass-producible.